Please see below the dates of the Official visits of R∴W∴ Rohan Lundy, D.D.G.M. First Kings who is looking forward to your attendance and support as he brings the Message of our Grandmaster, M∴W∴ Richard J. Kessler. 

Nov 15, 2023               Midwood Fortitude Lodge # 19
Nov 17, 2023               Kings County Lodge # 511
Nov 21, 2023               Excelsior Lodge #1177
Dec 05, 2023               Balder Greenpoint Lodge #403
Dec 14, 2023               Genesis Lodge # 201 
Jan 04, 2024                Anglo Saxon Lodge # 137
Jan 08, 2024                Zeredatha Lodge # 483


R∴W∴ Rohan Lundy,
D.D.G.M. First Kings


Officers of FKDA for 2023-24
      PRESIDENT:  W.. Compton I. Wilson, Jr. 
      1st Vice President:  V..W.. Owen Lancaster 
       2nd Vice President: Bro. Michael Chancellor 
       Treasurer: R..W.. Donald T. Kuhner, Jr.
      SECRETARY: W.. Charles L. Waddy
Officers of MASONIC ASSOCIATION for CHARITY (M.A.C.) for 2023-24
    PRESIDENT:  R..W.. Troy Darrell
    1st. Vice President:  V..W.. Kenneth Jordan
    2nd. Vice President:  W.. Damien Morris
    Treasurer : R..W.. Rohan Lundy
    SECRETARY: W.. Winston Smartt
     Trustees : R. .W. .Rodney Couto; W. .Darryl Bren; Bro. Peter Holmes
Chairman of Brotherhood Fund: W. . Archibald T. Barlow (2023-24)




My Brothers!
I am sharing pictures of The First Kings District Annual Picnic which was held August 28th,2022 at the Valley Stream State Park in L.I.
Thanks to our Brothers, family members and prospective members that attended, your support of myself, President and to the District is appreciated.
I would like to say, a special “Thank you” to the President of the F.K.D. the RW Troy A. Darrell for his foresight and leadership for this picnic coming together.
Also as members of the F.K.D. we were able to distribute over 100 school supply bags to kids in the park…
Remember my Brothers, ‘It takes a Village’… and this is what Brotherhood is all about.

Fraternally yours,
Bro. Compton Wilson, Jr.
Second VP of the F.K.D.

Who we are:

Freemasonry is based on the belief of making the world a better place. We are a worldwide fraternity of upstanding men working towards self-discovery and a shared interest in making good men better.

The First Kings Masonic District supports lodges throughout Kings County (Brooklyn, NY)

Requirements needed to join our fraternity:

• Be a man 18 years of age or older
• Believe in a Supreme Being
• A belief in the immortality of the soul
• Live an ethical life
• Have a strong interest in the Fraternity with a desire to participate in our charities & activities
• Fill out a pettition
• Pay an application fee (amount may vary from lodge to lodge)
• Submit to a background investigation

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